Chronicles of Lagos Part 1: Making Up for Lost Times

Oh Nigeria. I made my first visit in 14 yrs in the midst of your toll-gate fiasco and left on the eve of your Occupy moment. It has been a long time and I am glad to have been in the middle of what seems to be positive change within the country.

So what did I do in Nigeria?

Well, there were visits to grandmothers…

… and grandfathers…

… tiptoed through shady corners of markets…

… were I stumbled upon ancient crowns of Obas and Kings

… and several other oddities (All shall revealed soon)

I crashed an abandoned villa that belonged to some runaway Crime Lord…

… with these guys…

What a bunch of Quacks.

… Yes…

… someone once called this home…

I also discovered an awesome art gallery

… where I tried to crack the gate’s native codes

…and hung out with these fellas

… Yeah Nigeria…

… Awesome…

  1. Collins said:

    That house is in the same area as my in-law’s place. Happened to go by there myself this past July.

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