Men’s Style Through the Artist’s Eyes Series (Part 1): Lucien Freud

Men’s Style Through the Artist’s Eyes is a 3 part series that explores  works of  artists that tap into the male sartorial subconscious either unintentionally, subliminally or overtly. This week, British-Born German artist Lucien Freud will be our subject of focus.

Lucien Freud is a man that deals on the psychological plane. His impastos are thick with layers that flesh out his subjects with a unsettling sense of vulnerability.

Even though most of his models are usually in the nude, he has a few works where he paints the fully clothed; most of them which are men.

The Freud man is intense. Usually seated, his appropriate forms of attire never stray past the rubrics of menswear. That double breasted suit is nothing more than a uniform; the tweed jacket is exactly what it is… a winter jacket. No notes of affected styles or nuances; all the pieces of clothing serve a functional purpose. His best accessory, though, is his face; he wears it like broken leather. Each “uniform” serves as a blanket that allows the subject’s weathered expressions to be more of the focal point of the painting.

Lucien’s man represents fashion subdued. A living testament that unintentionally defines man’s relationship with clothing.

There are times, however, that he paints stuff such as this…

That is when I just throw all the shit I just wrote out the window.


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