Men’s Style Through the Artist’s Eyes Series (Part 3): Barkley L. Hendricks

Men’s Style Through the Artist’s Eyes is a 3 part series that explores  works of  artists that tap into the male sartorial subconscious either unintentionally, subliminally or overtly. The 3rd and last installment focuses on the works on Barkley L. Hendricks. All paintings are from the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University.
Barkley L. Hendricks is in tune with his Birth of the Cool.

The American Realist painter is known for his life-sized paintings portraying people of color in their most imposing moments.

They are that big

and even more majestic in person

Peacocking has become a somewhat of an innate skill within black culture.The diaspora on a global scale has mastered the art of pomp and circumstance.

Barkley understands that sense of flamboyant extreme. It is the reason why it vividly resonates in his subjects. He successfully narrates the relationship between the clothing and their attitudes. Adding them against a solid backdrop further highlights their stylistic qualities.

His street style portrayals also speak a language of confidence… channeling a spirit of past kings; An aesthetic that has obviously influenced the likes of Kehinde Wiley.

What resonates in Barkley’s work is his celebratory style of story telling within the Diaspora. He has the ability to take his subject out of his environment and place him in an ethereal space.

  1. Hello, would you please consider adding image. credits to your blog post? It’s important to have permission from the artist and gallery, and sometimes even the owners of the works.
    Thanks, Wendy

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