As you know if you follow this blog that I shot a video for the Summer 2012 collection in Nigeria last year. Here are a few behind the scenes shots and video stills. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as we did making the video.

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While I was in Nigeria for Christmas, I had the chance to work with filmmaker Abba Makama of Jungle Tribe on a short film for Post Imperial’s summer collection.

Party of Ministers is a fashion short that documents a set of ministers with a knack for the ridiculous. Each minister’s pocket square is an extension of their personality.

I hope you all enjoy

Men’s Style Through the Artist’s Eyes is a 3 part series that explores  works of  artists that tap into the male sartorial subconscious either unintentionally, subliminally or overtly. The 2nd installment focuses on the works of David Hockney

I hold Hockney’s work dear to my heart. He paints the man I aspire to dress like.

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