Now Here’s a Funky Introduction


BIG P.S.A. I have officially launched my pocket square line this week. This is what has kept me busy the past few months. I’m really proud of how the first collection turned out and I’m already working hard on the second batch. Explore the site and stay tuned for more stuff.



TightMike & KayleoStocko… you have officialy caught my attention.

I first took notice of FALCONS on Potholes in my Blog

I can’t front… I slept on their EP. I mean it was cool…

Their Remixxes project however was much more interesting…

Now they dropped what I believe is the song that will put them over the edge in 2012.

From their bandcamp site:

Nigeria is a dark track, a solitary noctural trip through the buildings of a deserted town. Mingling uptempo juke rhythms, R&B, and a unique blend of glitchs,
coupled with samples taken from the African culture, the whole still has a modern flavour, showing us, once again, the extent of the
duo’s influences.

here is visuals to accompany all the awesomeness

The rifles are loaded… ready to take aim.

n. 1. (Mil.) Formerly, a member of an independent body of marksmen in the French army. They were used sometimes in front of the army to annoy the enemy, sometimes in the rear to check his pursuit. The term is now applied to all troops acting as skirmishers.

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